Monday, March 12, 2012


Okay, I told myself that'd I'd post about most, if not all, of the main components of the Ruined Engine. The "level" in Ruined consists of many portals. A "portal" is an area of the level containing, well anything. The Engine optimizes itself based on which portal you, the player, are in. Whether or not a portal is active is determined by the current portal.

A section of "Test Level 2", illustrating the different portals.
So, now, you may ask well how do I get from one "portal" to another. Simple! You walk through a door.

A locked door using the "Test" design.
When the player presses 'A' on a door, the door opens and the player automatically walks from one side to the other. The doors of a level are responsible for the switching of portals. Doors in Ruined can be locked, barred, or both! Of course you can't walk through a locked or barred door, so the text-box appears on screen saying so.

A door that is both locked and barred.

Locked Door Message

Barred Door Message
The doors in the engine are all functionally the same, although new door styles can easily be created. Once a door is unlocked the key is no longer needed, and the door will remain unlocked the next time the level is loaded, there is also a nifty animation for unlocking and barring/unbarring doors. 
-Doors: they are so often overlooked, but they literary the pathway from one room to another!

Note: The lag shown in the DEBUG mode FPS graph is a result of the screen capture tool, and not present in the game.

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